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Planning for the summer? Looking for internships?

After a long weekend, its time to get back to business :) 

You enjoyed great Easter time with your family and friends and went crazy on the chocolate eggs, but now you have another week ahead of you to plan for….THE SUMMER. Wait, don’t forget we’re talking about “business” in the summer, meaning also a bit of work combined with a bit of fun.

The Association for Latin American Affair (ALAA) in Lund has just the right event for you.

Why stay in Europe when you can go somewhere more exotic for your dream internship? If Latin America sounds as an amazing idea to you as it does to us, then you have to join us this Wednesday in ALAA:

This is an event organized in association with AIESEC and Svalorna Latin America aiming to help you  get an idea of what this experience can mean to you and also help you get started. Join it for an inspiring discussion, ideas, dreams and opportunities, together with great fika.

See you on Wednesday at 7:00pm in Lunds Samhällsvetarkår (Paradisgatan 5S, 223 50 Lund, Sweden). Bring your friends!

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The perfect dessert for a BBQ in Lund

Spring is coming to Lund and the first BBQs have been spotted at Delphi. So, to get you into the BBQ mood, we have prepared an easy and unbelievable delicious BBQ dessert recipe: grilled chocolate bananas.

For 4 persons you need:

  • 4 bananas
  • 200gr dark chocolate
  • vanilla ice cream
  • aluminum foil

Here is what you do:

  1. slice the banana on one side
  2. put small pieces of chocolate into the slice
  3. wrap foil around it
  4. put on the grill until the skin is black and the chocolate and banana are melted (approx. 8-10min)
  5. serve with ice cream
  6. enjoy!

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Where to find Sweden’s biggest Kanelbullar

As you know, Göteborg ist one of the most beautiful and vibrant cities in Sweden and full with friendly people. It’s a definite must-see! Our personal favorite “sight”: Café Husaren and its XXL Hagabullar – allegedly Sweden’s biggest kanelbullar. The café is located in the oldest (and one of the loveliest) part of the city called Haga where Göteborg was founded in the middle of the 17th century. Today, it is famous for its small alternative stores, beautiful houses and the relaxed atmosphere. Make sure to check it out!


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Surströmming… Swedish love for fermented herring

As you maybe know, Swedes love fish. One Swedish specialty is “surströmmning”, which is fermented herring. The herring is fished in spring and then left in barrels to ferment for a few months. Before it is being sold, the fish is canned and left to ferment even more until the developing gases bend the top and bottom of the can. In fact, there is so much pressure on the can that it is forbidden to bring on some airlines due to the danger of explosion. If you think fermented herring sounds like a delicious meal or a good challenge, be careful when opening the can: the smell is beyond words (and not in a positive way). For those a bit less daring we prepared an easy-to-make and more importantly delicious herring recipe:

You need:

  • 1 herring filet (or other fish)
  • juice of ½ orange
  • potatoes
  • (frozen) spinach
  • ½ onion
  • ½ garlic (optional)
  • ½ apple(optional)
  • oil, salt, pepper (and any other spices you like)

Here is what you do:

  1. Cut the potatoes into wedges and put them in an oven-proved dish. Apply a mixture of oil, salt and pepper and put in the oven for approx. 30min at 170° degrees. Mix the potatoes occasionally.
  2. Put the fish in an oven-proved dish, seasons it with salt and pepper and pour the orange juice over it. Put in the oven for approx. 20min at 170° degrees.
  3. Cut onion and garlic and roast them. Add the spinach with a bit of water and heat it. Cut the apple and mix it in.
  4. Enjoy!


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Swedish dating part II

If our post from yesterday about dating Swedish men confused you, today we’re bringing a true story about how hard it is to start a relationship in Sweden. This is the story of a Scottish woman who moved to Sweden and realized that the things she took for granted (such as the men making the first move) are far from happening here. Swedish men are just special, aren’t they?

Hope it will clarify things for you, instead of making them even more blurry. So girls, take the first step, cause even if you think it’ll kill you to try, it might actually lead to a beautiful love story. Guys, if you’re tired of waiting for the international women to get you, just man up and make the first step. I think it’s actually pretty exciting. So…it goes like this:

“I don’t expect very much from men. I’m quite capable of supporting myself. In my first seven months in Stockholm I moved, dragging cases, boxes, a little cart from IKEA and a myriad of ICA bags no less than eight times, all on my ownsome. I wield a mean electric drill, can change a tire and I laugh in the face of complicated tax returns. However.

I expect them to seduce me.

It’s only fair. We have to go through childbirth for heaven’s sake, surely the excruciating agony and inside-churning terror of going in for that first kiss when there is no guarantee that the kiss-ee won’t respond with “urgh, what are you doing?!” balances the scales?

Further, it’s a matter of clarity. When the accepted convention is that the man will make the moves (albeit with plenty of ever so subtle encouragement), if he does not do so, it is a reasonable assumption that he isn’t interested and you can go along your merry way.There is no such clarity here in Sweden.

There is a boy I like. We meet for coffee on a fairly regular basis. There is often encouraging body language (mirroring, leaning towards one another, occasional brushes of knees under the table that very nearly make my head explode), and our text-banter is the stuff of legend. However. There has been, as yet, no attempt from him to get to know me better. You know, nakedly. So I figured that he was, for unfathomable reasons, immune to my charms and put the whole thing down to a friend situation, albeit with the occasional risk of head-explosion.

Until, I happened to describe our most recent coffee to a Swedish friend who promptly diagnosed that he is interested, and waiting for me to make a move. Me to make a move! I never heard of such a thing. Not least as, how am I expected to go in for a snog with someone who is practically a foot taller than me? I will definitely lose the advantage of seductive surprise if I start carrying a crate around, and I am almost certain that a flying leap will not end well. So we’re stuck.

On the other hand, recently I went to the cinema with a friend. There’s never been anything that I would describe as a flirtatious frisson between us, so when he asked me to see a film, I happily wandered along wearing a big woolly jumper and glasses. At the end of the evening, he walked me home and said something to the effect of “good date, let’s do it again sometime.” What? Date?! But I’m wearing a big woolly jumper and glasses! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a false eyelashes and Wonderbra kind of girl, but the poor chap deserved better than a big woolly jumper and glasses. If only I had realised.

To be fair, whether or not a man is interested is always something of a mystery; but when there are certain conventions in place, you’ve got at least a rough map with which to navigate those complicated waters towards true lurve. I don’t mind going Dutch, but I do miss that clear signal, if he reaches for the bill, that he considers it to be a date. If there are any such conventions in Sweden I have yet to discover them, so I sit in coffee shops, trying to stop my head from exploding, wondering if equality in matters of getting to know one another nakedly is all it’s cracked up to be?

By Claire Duffy-

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The A-Z of dating Swedish men

Looking for some new Swedish curiosities, we stumbled upon a very funny post of an American woman. She presents us the A-Z of dating Swedish men. So, for our international readers who are planning on conquering the heart of a Swedish man, read this first :) As for the Swedish man reading it, do you recognize yourselves in this portrait?

"So let’s figure out the A to Z of Swedish men:

A – American Dating, what’s that? “We have sex first, then see each other.”
B – Beautiful and blond. How awesome is that?
C – Confusing; few understand the male species and even less understand the Swedish man
D – Dutch dates are possible, especially if in Sweden.
E – Equal opportunity. Hold that door for yourself.
F – Fashionable. Men sport color and style in Sweden!
G – Growing chest hair, not a fur coat, is needed. (Anonymous comment from a male friend)
H – Hair gel is a necessity, not an option.
I – IKEA will be the ‘big step’ in your lives as couple.
J – Jeans, can they get any tighter?
K – Kinky … so the rumors say…
L – Lagom. They want life and love and everything else in between to be “just right” or rolling down the middle of the road. Pushing men too hard left or right, risks alienating them and sending them away.
M – Mysterious. Ask many questions, answer few of their own.
N – Nagging is what girls may feel when the Swedes are unresponsive. It’s okay, give the guys some space and time to write/text you back.
O – Obtuse, like any man, the Swedish man has proven to be equally if not more obtuse at times.
P – Punctual; don’t show up late for a date.
Q – Quiet and shy describes 90% of Swedish men in Sweden and 10% abroad. Okay, exaggeration but they lose their very quiet nature when going abroad.
R – Rude; if you don’t know the ways of Swedes, they can be perceived as rude. This is especially true if you believe the man should pay for dates, etc when he is more in dutch / equal paying.
S – Sambo, rhymes with mambo, is the traditional way for Swedish being ‘together’ but not married.
T – Text messaging is the best way to communicate with Swedish men. It may be the best way to communicate in general for Swedes.
U – Unemotional, hard-to-read, and sometimes stoic, the Swedish man keeps his feelings to himself.
V – Valentine’s Day is nearly nonexistent in Sweden; don’t fret if nothing happens on this un-special day.
W – Wintertime is the period in the year to not dump your swede. Stay inside and cuddle during the miserable Swedish November. When springtime approaches, feel free to move on to greener grass.
X -
Y – Youthful appearance but sagacious within.
Z – Zealous with text messaging. Really? I still have not understood the obsession with texting. :P”

Anything to add for this A-Z?

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How much you will really spend when studying in Lund

There are various numbers floating around the web for how much you have to spend when studying in Lund. However, these seem to be calculated by non-students. So here comes the (=our) truth:

  • Rent: SEK 3,500 – SEK 4,000
  • Grocery: SEK 1,000
  • Going out: SEK 1,000
  • Travel: SEK 1,000
  • Shopping: SEK 1,000
  • Books: SEK 500
  • Leisure: SEK 500
  • Phone: SEK 100
  • Miscellaneous: SEK 500
  • Total: SEK 9,100 (~€ 1,000; US$ 1,400; GBP 850)

Rent: Sorry, but this is the amount you realistically have to spend on rent unless you want to share a room, live in a cellar or sleep on a park bench… See our post about accommodation for some tips on how to find the perfect accommodation. Tip: save some money by renting out your room during exam time, you will be sleeping in the library anyways ;)

Grocery: Unless you want to live off water, knäckebröd and pasta, you have to spend a little more than you are probably used to on food in Sweden. To save money, go to cheap stores like Netto, Lidl or Willie’s for your basic groceries. Also, you can buy family sized packages (e.g. 1kg of cheese, 5 packages of Knäckebröd or 1kg of Kötbullar) to save some money… just share with friends or freeze part it.

Going out: Nothing is cheap in Sweden, but going out is especially expensive. Try to go to the nations instead of bars and clubs. If you need a venue change, visit Herkules on Wednesday (free entrance and three beers for SEK 99!). You can also try to sneak in your own alcohol, but that will probably get you kicked out.

Travel: This is a part of the budget many underestimate. But there are so many places to visit around Lund (Copenhagen, Malmö, Göteborg etc.) that you will probably spend quite a lot on travel. Also, during the winter you might want to use the bus which is already around SEK 500 per month.

Shopping: Lund is a small town and you will most likely pass by H&M, Gina Tricot and Vero Moda many times a week… Also, you will probably want to buy some Swedish souvenirs. Just don’t forget that you have to bring everything back home!

Books: For most students, books are an issue every second months as a new period starts. Try to buy your books used, e.g. at Lundaböcker, ebay or Also, buy them as early as possible as all your class mates will also be looking for them. When you don’t need books, you will still spend a lot of money on printing out articles and other university related stuff.

Leisure: Plan to spend some money on other activities, e.g. fika, sauna, ice hockey games, eating out etc.

Phone: Having a phone is one of the less expensive things in Sweden. If you have comviq, you can top up your phone with SEK 75 each month to get free calls and texts to other comviq users. For an additional SEK 19 you get 0,2 GB Internet.

Miscellaneous: This includes stuff like bike repairs, cough medicine, gym membership etc.

Of course, this number will be different for everybody depending on your spending habits. Some students might be able to survive with as little as SEK 6,000. However, in order to be able to make the most out of your stay in Sweden, make sure you have sufficient funds before getting here.

Did we forget something?

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Get energized!

So, spring is almost here and you are suffering from “Swedish Spring Fever”? Here are some tips from our own experience on how to get back your energy:

Get outside - Go on a walk, take deep breaths, enjoy the sun and Swedish nature to get instant energy. Also see our suggestions for things to do in and around Lund. Girls, go shopping for the upcoming summer season ;)

No coffee - Instead drink lots of water, tea and juices to hydrate your body. We would also suggest no alcohol, but as we all know that’s not really practicable in Lund. 

Eat healthy – Eat lots of fruits and vegetables to get the necessary vitamins. Sorry, no kanelbullar or princess tart. Try out our favorite fruit smoothie: just put 150ml grapefruit juice, 100ml orange juice, 30ml water, 1 banana and frozen berries into a blender and enjoy! You can also create your own smoothie by mixing different juices and fruits. 

Exercise - Hit the gym at least twice a week or join a sports team to keep your energy level high. Tip: Try a Zumba class, this is a real feel good work out. If you can’t make it to the gym, try a few jumping jacks and push ups at home. 

Meet friends – Do not stay in your apartment, go out and socialize! This will make you feel better instantly. You can also join an organization to meet many new people and have fun.

Music - Turn on happy music, we suggest The Cat Empire, Angus & Julia Stone, Florence and the Machine, Gusstavo Lima, Katzenjammer, Bob Marley, the Kooks, Caro Emerald. Eliza Doolittle… there are just too many!

Nap - If you are feeling really tired take a short nap, but not longer than 10min.

… and then look forward to Sweden’s best season - SPRING

Share your energy tips with us!

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Lund for non-students

We all know that Lund is THE student city. But what do you do with your other friends? Here are our suggestions for entertaining your non-student friends:

Going out: This is the biggest challenge because no student ID means no nation. But don’t worry, there are alternatives. If you just want to go out for a drink, try the English pub “Bishops Arms” or “Café Ariman”.  If you are looking for something a bit more classy, go to our favorite bar “Myntha”. For clubbing, you can choose between “Herkules” and “T Bar” or you just go straight to Malmö.

Restaurants: We know that nothing beats lunch at a nation – it’s good food for a cheap price. But there are some nice and affordable restaurants as well. Our favorites are Govindas, a cosy Vegetarian restaurant, and Rauhrackel, an authentic Austrian restaurant. You should also try lunch at Café & Le

Things to do: If you want to do something truly Swedish, go to the sauna, enjoy the amazing view and take a bath in the ocean afterwards… But remember: no swimsuits allowed, so this is only for the brave people ;) A fully dressed alternative is to take a walk along the beach of the Falsterbo Peninsula, maybe you will even see some seals. Or walk around Wanås, a sculpture park with exhibitons from artists like Yoko Ono and Jacob Dahlgren. Enjoy!

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Northern Lights in Lund?

Wanna see the Northern Lights from Lund?

We have been wishing to see them ourselves, but were always disappointed by the high prices a trip to the north of Sweden involves. After some research we found a solution. We know, it’s not the ideal one, but it is still great! For those of you who are curios, check this out: a live camera from Abisko, one of the most Nordic place in Sweden.

Also, the video from NASA explains what the Nordic Lights or Aurora Borealis, actually are. Isn’t it curious how something we see as beautiful and relaxing is actually violent space weather? 

If you want to see the Nordic Lights more often, here’s a link where you can find some great wallpapers for your computer.

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